Criminal record check in the UK

Why a Criminal Record Check (CRB, DBS check)

As a part of the recruitment process you may be asked to apply for a criminal record check, criminal background check, CRB check or DBS check, especially if you are looking for a position as a paid employee or as a volunteer and your work duties will bring you into contact with vulnerable members of society or imply a high level of responsibility.
Job placements where the Disclosure Certificate is required may include work as a teacher, care worker, scout & guide leader, registered childminder, sports coach, youth club worker or foster carer. It is necessary for an adoptive parent. A CRB check or DBS criminal background check may also be required for a range of other types of jobs or licenses.

Also known as “Disclosure”, a criminal record check is now an absolute "must do" in the recruitment process for the majority of private and government organisations involved in health care and any activities that put the applicant in close contact with children or disabled adults. The purpose of the criminal background check is to help employers in the public, private and voluntary sectors to identify candidates who may be unsuitable to work with children or other vulnerable members of society.

There are 3 types of disclosure certificates – Enhanced, Standard and Basic.

Enhanced, GBP 69 Standard, GBP 59 Basic, from GBP 49

You need an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate if you are applying for a job position involving regular contact with underaged, vulnerable adults and elderly people.
Position examples: nurse, medical dr., teacher, care assistant, etc.

Apply for Enhanced Disclosure Certificate

Acquire a Standard Disclosure Certificate for top management positions involved in the public or private financial sector.
Position examples: company director, credit controller, cashier, accountant, etc.

Apply for Standard Disclosure Certificate

For any other positions in the UK or for application purposes outside the UK apply for Basic Disclosure Certificate.
Position examples: openings outside UK, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all other positions not specified above.

Pre-Apply for Basic Disclosure Certificate

PVG Scheme, from GBP 39 Apostille, from GBP 59 Basic, from GBP 49

Enhanced Disclosure is no longer the correct choice for regulated work with kids and vulnerable adults in Scotland. All non members of PVG Scheme must order an initial registration with the PVG Scheme and a Scheme Record. All members of PVG Scheme should order PVG Scheme Certificate or Certificate Update.

Apply here for your PVG Scheme Certificate

Apply here if you would like to legalise most UK documents as long as they bear an original signature, seal or stamp from a UK public organisation or official practising in the UK.

Apply here for Apostille Services

You can complete the full application process online if you have been living in the same UK address for the last 12 months. Nonetheless in your application you need to provide complete 5 years of your address history.

Apply for Basic Disclosure Certificate

How does the DBS Disclosure benefits you?

Potential employers will look upon candidates bearing the appropriate disclosure certificate more favourably. It is essential to undertake this security check in order to appear to be serious about your choice of profession. The certificate is often used as an extra selling point at the interview stage to prove that you have NO criminal convictions. If looking for an overseas job placement, you will be able to take the Disclosure with you in order to provide it on demand and save the time of the potential employer.

Global Choices is an Umbrella Body with the CRB and a registered body with Disclosure Scotland. Global Choices will comply with the Data Protection law and will take every precaution to protect your data.

How to apply:

  1. Choose proper level of Criminal Check (if you are not sure, please ask GC Coordinator to assist you. We will need your current address and purpose for the disclosure certificate to process your application.
  2. Make a payment for a Criminal Check and provide your current postal address to receive the application form.
  3. Our Coordinator will send you a hard copy of application form with instructions, what exactly needs to be done (unless you are eligible to apply online).

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