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Do you require DBS checks, criminal record check, criminal background check for your staff?

Global Choices is a National Registered Body for the Disclosure and Barring Service and Disclosure Scotland and is able to provide criminal record checks at a Basic, Standard or Enhanced level particularly for the positions that involve regular contact with children and vulnerable adults.

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Global Choices offers three levels of criminal record checks: Basic, Standard and Enhanced Disclosures.


Global Choices is a registered body under the Disclosure and Barring Service and Disclosure Scotland. This enables us to countersign applications on behalf of individuals, who need to obtain their criminal background disclosures. Criminal record check disclosures have become a major part of a recruitment process and also a responsibility if you are employing individuals who are coming into contact with children or vulnerable adults.

Through criminal record check disclosures, essential information can be found on judging an individuals future behavior by investigating their past. Criminal background checks identify past data via national criminal record databases.

Employers may need to get a potential employee checked for a number of reasons. Simply the employer just needs to verify that what information has been given is the truth. Criminal record check disclosures can help you to find out if your employees are trustworthy and it will also enable you to make a key decision as you will have more information than you may do when you are just having a face to face interview with them.

The type of check that will be carried out will depend purely on the nature of the applied position, which includes a position working with children or vulnerable adults and certain other professions. We aim to help identify any candidates in any sector that are not eligible to work with children or vulnerable adults, in order to provide extra protection.

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